What we do

Learn more about the specific services we provide for organic search (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEM).

In broad terms this is what and why we do what we do…

1. We focus on search

Search, social, direct, email, display, referral…there are many online channels but search remains by far the most significant driver of qualified visitors to most websites.

In our experience it is often the channel that also has the greatest room for improvement and growth.

We know what we are good at so we focus all our attention here. We’ve been working on search campaigns for a combined 30+ years.

2. We care about Intent

Way back in 2003 industry commentator, John Battelle, coined the term database of intention to describe what made Google so valuable, both as a tool and as an enterprise.

That is to say that Google knows what we want collectively and as individuals better than any other entity ever. When we search we broadcast our intentions in a way that doesn’t happen in any other channel.

Our job as search marketers is to interpret the intention behind search queries, and then deliver on that in a way that satisfies the searcher’s need.

3. We OBSESS over relevance

Relevance is what happens when search intent is accurately interpreted and manifested as content and user experience on your website.

Relevance doesn’t happen by accident. Usually when someone asks us why they are not ranking the short answer is that the page they want to rank doesn’t deserve to. It isn’t relevant to the intent of the search query.

A huge part of what we do is ensuring that your content is relevant and rank worthy.

4. We align our work with your OBJECTIVES

Ranking well and growing search traffic, whether from paid or organic search results doesn’t matter if that traffic doesn’t convert to some kind of action like a sale, a signup or a download.

We want the work we do to be tied to a specific business outcome that will move your business forward.

With a clear objective and KPI we can ensure that everything we do is aligned to achieving that objective. It’s not enough to rank for a specific keyword or achieve traffic growth if that traffic doesn’t deliver on the objective.


Technical SEO consultation and implementation support, site performance, migrations and content strategy. About the only thing we don’t do is deliver useless and archaic audit reports.


Market analysis and competitor research, through to digital strategy and campaign planning. We can support your paid search, display, remarketing and shopping campaigns

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Paul - (027) 513 6134
Charles - (021) 807 829