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A Guide to hreflang

This guide is for anyone who runs an international website with versions of the site available for specific markets or in different languages, or both! For example, you might have a version of the site for the New Zealand market and additional versions for Australia, the UK and Canada. For Canada you might also have versions in English and French. In this guide we will explain why and how to use...

Google Ads Bid Strategy Explained

Google automated bid strategy

Choosing the right bid strategy for Google Ads can be a daunting prospect - so many options, many of which can look quite similar on the surface but can deliver quite different results. In this article, we'll look to summarise your options.

How Does Google Crawl and Index Pages?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is really an umbrella term which encompasses a wide range of activities including front end design and coding (UX and performance), backend optimization (crawl optimization and performance), content strategy and optimization, digital PR and promotion.

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