Most Popular Keywords in New Zealand


Following is a list of the top 500 most searched keywords in New Zealand in November 2020. We’ll update this list on a monthly basis.


Click the CVS link to download a copy of this.

A few notes about these numbers:

  • The New Zealand and Global monthly search volume numbers are estimates which are developed by taking the range provided by Google and combining it with clickstream data to estimate actuals for individual keywords. Google’s estimated search range combines close variants so it is the case that these numbers are often quite different to what you see in Google’s Keyword Planner, but that is purposeful and we believe results in a more realistic number…
  • That said it bears repeating that these are estimates. And it is also important to know that these are average monthly numbers, so they do not reflect seasonality. It is absolutely the case that some keywords are much more popular at certain times of years. Popular retail brands for example are probably searched 2-3x as much in November/December in the run up to Christmas.
  • The Keyword Difficulty scores are an estimate of how competitive the organic search results are. Keyword Difficulty is measured from 0-100 and the higher the score the more competitive the results. The number and quality of backlinks pointing to the top ranking pages are a big part of this score, so a high score suggests that the top ranking pages have many good quality links, making it more difficult for a new page to rank.

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